“How To Double Your Florist Profits In 60 Days, Without  Advertising Or Being Forced To Lower Your Prices...”

YES... even if you're smack in the middle of a recession, and even if you're up against the super chains that sell flowers at half your prices...

Dear Fellow Florist Owner,

My name is Mary Webb and I have a question for you...

Is your florist business making as much daily profit as you hoped it would?

If the answer is no, then this letter will be the most important letter you will read in your entire career, and here's why:

I'm going to show you how to drastically boost your customer base, get free advertising, get more out of your staff and ultimately...

... pull in enough daily profits to keep your competitors at bay.

Make no mistake, this isn't about designing bouquets or learning new arranging techniques...

If you're looking for artistic guidance, this won't help you.

However, if you're looking to survive the recession and outsell the competition in your local area, then you're about to get the exact marketing advice you need to succeed and thrive in your florist business.

We're talking about practical advice that is specifically designed for small business owners like you...

... not some stuffy corporate babble that costs you time and money trying to follow along with.

You're about to discover the same marketing techniques that have been responsible for thousands of retail success stories...

... we're talking about couples and small families, creating flagship stores and growing their business beyond their wildest dreams with these exact same marketing tactics.

It doesn't matter how big or small your dreams are...

... if you keep reading, you'll have everything you need to turn your florist into the profitable, fun and rewarding business that you always dreamed of.

The first step is understanding...

Why most florists go bust

Just like most retailers, florists get caught up in a number of traps, such as...

  •  Lowering prices
  •  Wasting money on advertising
  •  Losing customers

All of these things are totally unnecessary, when you simply work smart, not hard...

You don't need to lower prices... you need to create more value and loyalty.

You don't need to waste money on advertising... you can get free newspaper exposure every single week, and thousands more free visitors from Google and word of mouth referrals.

You don't need to lose customers to your competitors... you need to give your customers a reason to return to your florist.

But the problem remains...

When will you find the time for all this?

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why florists go bust isn't just because of these common mistakes above, but because they don't have the time to figure out a different way of doing things.

But what if someone already had the answers laid out, ready for you to deploy in your business today?

What if you had a simple, but SMART roadmap that showed you exactly how to find more customers for free, build a massive loyal fan base, and charge premium prices for your products and services?

No need to sit down for hours planning things out alone... no need to waste days and nights trying to think about what might work.

Today, I'm giving you a ready-to-roll set of marketing tactics that you can use immediately... even if you're totally new to the idea of marketing yourself.

It's all waiting for you inside...

“Marketing Your Florist Business”

marketing for florists

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This handy guide, based on thousands of real life tests and results for small business owners, delivers everything you need to thrive as a small florist in 2011 and beyond.

You don't need lots of time and money, or any real marketing experience either. In fact, these techniques are very simple and extremely fun to roll out.

You'll discover...

  • How to build a brand the right way... and why a unique brand is crucial for a florist more than most other businesses

  • How to stand out from the crowd... using a simple technique that will make your unique selling point leap out at you (this is crucial if you want to retain high prices and never be a slave to your competitors)

  • How to boost walk-in sales with simple arrangements (most florists totally miss this, and it's costing them money)

  • How to differentiate yourself from the world of online competition... using a simple asset that you've already got (this is another massive advantage for your retail store, and it's massively understated)

  • The one thing that will make or break your florist... and it has nothing to do with price or quality (and how to make sure it's working properly for you)

  • How to organize yourself, save money on running costs and get the most out of your staff

  • 7 unique ways to become the local “go-to” expert for all things flowers... which will bring in customers and referrals like you've never seen before (and will save you a fortune in advertising costs)

  • How to add value to your orders, and generate massive appreciation and word of mouth as a result (hint= it's not always about flowers, it's about making people's lives better)
  • How to boost Valentines and Mother's day sales... using a simple postcard strategy
  • How to boost 4th of July sales... with the help of local businesses in your area
  • How to get a rush of Halloween sales... with a frighteningly simple marketing strategy that costs nothing
  • How to make sure your Thanksgiving sales are sky high... using simple customer re-activation plans
  • How to boost your Christmas sales through the roof... by adding value to each order
  • Why wait for a holiday when you can create your own? I'll show you how to create your own branded events that get people to buy in their droves

  • A simple way to dominate the wedding market as a florist... it's all about how you position yourself (and that means being more than a florist!)

And Thats Just For Starters. You Will Also Discover...
  • Why you must have a website, even if you're a local business... and exactly what you need to put on your site to generate orders (hint = there's a lot of things you can include that are far more effective than your prices)

  • How to get your website created, designed and published far cheaper than most people have to pay

  • How to incorporate a blog into your website... and what to blog about in order to attract new local customers for free

  • How to leverage Facebook for your local business... and create a viral wave of new customers through word of mouth (it's free!)

  • How to publish your own online articles for massive exposure locally and globally (this also helps boost your website to a higher position in the search engines)marketing a florist shop

  • 7 proven ways to retain customers for life... so you don't have to keep advertising for business

  • How to set marketing goals... so you always know where you're going and what you've achieved

  • How to boost sales from phone call enquiries

  • How to tap a brand new audience through direct mail

  • How to get featured in the local press for free... and gain massive exposure literally overnight

  • 8 local businesses that you need to develop relationships with immediately... and how to approach them

  • Dozens of local PR tricks to get your business name in people's minds, and right out there in the community

  • How to effectively spy on your competitors, what to look for, where to look... and how to adopt their techniques ethically and legally

  • Specific extras you can add onto your business, to increase your bottom line

No more wasting time and money on expensive advertising that doesn't work, and no more worrying where the next order is going to come from.

With these strategies, you'll have a unique advantage  over your local competitors...

... you'll be able to find and keep more loyal customers, for FREE.

Which means, you'll get everything you need to...

Keep your florist blossoming in 2013 and beyond!

It's not difficult once you know how.

Follow these simple marketing strategies and you'll never have to rely on out-dated techniques that eat into your profits...

And you'll never have to lie awake at night like your competitors do... worrying if you'll get any orders tomorrow.

You don't have to be one of those “hopeful” types that stand to lose everything overnight...

... you can now set up a solid system that attracts regular customers to your store like bees to pollen.

And I'm so confident about the power of this little marketing guide that I'm going to offer you...

60 Day Trial60 days to test drive this information

I'd like to you test this for yourself. Just scan through the content, and see what I'm sharing with you.

If you don't immediately see the potential after scanning through this guide, then I insist that you don't pay a single penny for it.

Try it out, poke around, and if you're not totally satisfied and excited about these simple marketing tactics, then you don't pay a single penny.

I'll even give you a whole 60 days to give this a whirl... so there's no pressure to go through it and decide.

Remember, I'm only offering this rare guarantee because I know from personal experience, along with thousands of others, that these retail marketing methods work every time you apply them.

Here's how to place your order today...

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The material is available to read online so simply download to your computer.

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Remember, if you're not attracting enough customers, then somebody else is... and that's because they have a better marketing system in place.

Despite the greedy chains coming along and crushing the small business owners, it doesn't mean you have to shut your doors too.

The truth is, you can stand strong against any type of competition with the right marketing... and it doesn't take thousands of dollars to beat the competition either.

Grab this guide today, and you'll see how simple it really is to attract customers and keep them coming back time after time.

To your upcoming success,

Mary Webb

P.S - Remember, the times have changed...

There's more competition than ever before, and that means you need to try something new, if you want people to choose your florist over the big chains.

With this guide, you'll have a huge range of marketing tactics that you can deploy, so that you never have to worry about next month's takings, and you never have to panic when a new local store sets up shop down the street.

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P.P. S - The bottom line is, without the right marketing plan, you're always going to be at the mercy of price wars, fierce competition and rising costs.

However, with the right marketing plan, you can keep your prices high, reduce your advertising costs, outrank the competition and retain more valuable customers for life.

Order now, and get the exact marketing strategies to put your business firmly on the map, and protect yourself from the fierce competition.

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